Gloucester Township Municipal Committee Member Listing

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Name Title E-Mail
Ray Polidoro Member
Jennifer O'Donnell Member  
Dennis Palmer Member
Jim Bonnette Member Jim.Bonnette@GTRMC.ORG
Jeff Booker Member Jeff.Booker@GTRMC.ORG
Dawn Briggs Member TBD
Joanne Carr Member Joanne.Carr@GTRMC.ORG
Peg Centritto Member Peg.Centritto@GTRMC.ORG
Ron Cohen Member Ron.Cohen@GTRMC.ORG
Tom Crone Member TBD
Jill Dawson Member TBD
George Member
Michelle Garro Member TBD
Sam Garro Member TBD
Steve Keeler Member
John Custodio Member
Shelley Lovett Member
Linda Musser Member
Ted Liddell Member TBD
LeeAnn Bonnette
Member TBD
Pat Kline
Member TBD
Peter Heinbaugh Member
Karl Wirtz Member Karl.Wirtz@GTRMC.ORG