By Camden County Republican Committee

Camden County GOP Response to Governor's State of the State Address

Corzine full of tough talk, but failed record speaks for itself

HADDON HEIGHTS -- Democrat Governor Jon Corzine delivered his State of the State address this afternoon, and despite all the talk, Corzine and the Democrats have offered no substantive, long-term solutions to our fiscal problems.

For three years, Republicans have offered specific budget cuts and proposed the Common Sense Plan for an Affordable New Jersey that included several key reforms that would work to restore fiscal sanity in Trenton. Jon Corzine and the Democrats refused to budge, ignoring $1.3 billion in proposed Republican cuts last year and rejecting sound policy proposals.

The Governor said in his speech that New Jersey is a state committed to achievement and excellence, and yet the Governor himself, judged by his performance in office, is committed to neither.

"The fact is, Jon Corzine has done to New Jersey what his good friends on Wall Street have done to the entire country," said Rick DeMichele, chairman of the Camden County GOP. "The same way Wall Street schemed to pass the buck and avoid making tough decisions, Jon Corzine has dodged every opportunity to restore a responsible fiscal policy for New Jersey, and instead he has chosen to use every budget trick or gimmick in the book."

"The number one issue on the minds of Camden County residents is property tax relief," DeMichele said. "The Governor offered no solutions today that will help the people of Gloucester Township and Cherry Hill who are struggling with increasing double-digit property tax rates."

"The only way end the fiscal madness in Trenton is to throw Jon Corzine and the Democrats out to the curb," DeMichele added. "We cannot trust Corzine and the Democrats to regulate themselves, just as we cannot trust Jon Corzine's Wall Street friends to do the same. The people of New Jersey have to stand up and say they have had enough, and they will do that this November."

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