January 23, 2009

David Mayer Means More Taxes For Gloucester Township
By Camden County Republican Committee

Trenton Democrat wants to bring his $1.9 billion in tax increases to Gloucester Township

GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP -- Former Trenton Assemblyman David Mayer received the Democrat endorsement for Mayor of Gloucester Township, despite his abominable record of tax increases, hostility to small businesses, and a lack of commitment to serving the people of the township.

In the last four years David Mayer spent in Trenton, he oversaw $1.9 billion in tax increases. Gloucester Township Democrats, including council members Daniel Hutchison and Franklin Schmidt, want David Mayer to bring his tax increase mentality to the Mayor's office as well.

"David Mayer's $1.9 billion in tax increases are an example of the total fiscal irresponsibility in Trenton, and the result is that Gloucester Township is now having its state aid slashed," said Cindy Rau-Hatton, Mayor of Gloucester Township. "David Mayer put the Trenton Democrats ahead of the people of Gloucester Township, and he will do it again."

"Gloucester Township needs a full-time mayor with an open door policy that will work for all the people of the township, and I have fulfilled that commitment to the people since my election in 2006," Rau-Hatton added. "David Mayer is the chairman of the township Democrat committee and has given no assurance that he will serve our township fairly and in an open, non-partisan manner."

However, Mayer himself may not stick around to see the results of his tax increases in Gloucester Township, though. His record of hopping from one job to the next -- serving on Gloucester Township council for only one year -- demonstrates that Mayer's commitment is to the advancement of his own political career, not what is best for Gloucester Township and its citizens.

David Mayer will also leave behind another legacy if elected in Gloucester Township: a hostile climate for small businesses. Mayer received an abysmal 20 percent rating from the New Jersey National Federation of Independent Business in 2004-2005 due to his anti-small business attitude.

"In today's economy, we need leadership that will work with small businesses to grow and strengthen our community," said Councilwoman Shelley Lovett. "David Mayer is hostile to small businesses and would be a disaster for the local economy in Gloucester Township."

"Gloucester Township has an effective and committed Mayor in Cindy Rau-Hatton," Lovett added. "She has demonstrated through her tireless advocacy for the people of Gloucester Township that her priorities are the right ones to guide the township into the future."

"This November, Gloucester Township will have a choice between the thoughtful and effective leadership of Mayor Rau-Hatton and the tax-raising Trenton Democrat David Mayer," Lovett concluded. "We need not only to re-elect Mayor Rau-Hatton, but we also need to elect members to Council who will work with her on behalf of the people of Gloucester Township."

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