Gloucester Township Democrats' Record So Poor, They Can't Find Candidate Willing To Run On Ticket!

By Camden County Republican Committee

With David Mayer's $1.9 billion in tax increases at the top of the ticket, Gloucester Township Dems struggle to find candidate willing to run on ticket

GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP -- One week after the Gloucester Township Democrats nominated David Mayer as their candidate for Mayor, they still have not been able to wrangle a final Council candidate willing to run on their ticket.

It makes sense, after all, given that David Mayer oversaw $1.9 billion in tax increases during his time in Trenton. Council members Daniel Hutchison and Franklin Schmidt have shown through their time on Council that their policy is to raise taxes too, just like David Mayer and his friends in Trenton. Understandably, however, the Gloucester Township Democrats cannot find another candidate who will lend his or her name to such an embarrassing record.

"Since my election in 2006, I have worked to stop the Democrats' tax increases," said Mayor Cindy Rau-Hatton. "Time and time again, the Democrats have rammed their tax increases through Council and increased government spending. Now David Mayer wants to bring his Trenton tax increases to Gloucester Township, even after he and his Trenton allies have caused our township to lose critical state aid."

"Gloucester Township can't afford David Mayer and the Democrats in Council," Mayor Rau-Hatton concluded.

"It is not surprising to me that the Democrats can't find a candidate willing to run on their ticket for Council this year," said Councilwoman Shelley Lovett. "It is a losing proposition for them. No reasonable person would want to run on a slate with candidates like David Mayer, Daniel Hutchison, and Franklin Schmidt whose sole record is that of repeatedly raising our taxes."

"Thanks to the Democrats' record of tax increases, their nomination for Council this year is just about the only 'Help Wanted' sign that won't get any response," Councilwoman Lovett added.

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