John Custodio, Democrat for Assembly?

Gloucester Township Councilwoman and former Senate candidate Shelley Lovett says Custodio would be great in Trenton, would stand up to Jon Corzine and fight for taxpayers

GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP -- Councilwoman Shelley Lovett of Gloucester Township has responded to recent rumors that John Custodio, a former President of the Black Horse Pike Regional School District, may be recruited to run as a Democrat for the General Assembly in the 4th Legislative District this year.

"As someone who has run in the 4th Legislative District before, I know that John would be a great representative in the Assembly," Lovett said. "John and I are both strong fiscal conservatives who would stand up to Jon Corzine and fight for taxpayers in South Jersey."

"Unfortunately, John would never fit in with the Democrats in Trenton because he holds his fiscal conservative principles so strongly," Lovett added. "We know from the recent incident with Assemblyman Greenwald that those who speak up against Jon Corzine will be muzzled."

Local Republican leaders also commented on the rumors of Custodio's potential candidacy.

"This is insane," said Gloucester Township GOP Chairman Ray Polidoro. "It's more likely that Dan Hutchison would run as a Republican--again--than John Custodio would run as a Democrat. It's clear to me that the Democrats are just nervous and desperate."

"I know John Custodio," said Camden County GOP Chairman Richard DeMichele, Jr., said. "And John Custodio is no Democrat. He wouldn't be caught dead on a ticket with a tax-hiker like Paul Moriarty."

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