Say Anything: Dave Mayer’s Record Doesn’t Match His Rhetoric

The Dave Mayer Team’s Record Tells a Much Different Story Than Their Campaign Rhetoric


While their campaign literature will have you believe that the Dave Mayer Team, including its two incumbent council members, is the voice for change in Gloucester Township, their record shows an entirely different story.

In the face of Governor Corzine drastically reducing state aid while handing down unfunded mandates, the council’s resistance to local economic development and progress has resulted in lost revenue for the Township.

The current controlling party speaks of change, yet has failed to act in their power over the past decade to implement it. The last time the Township reduced taxes was when Republicans, including Mayor Cindy Rau-Hatton and Councilwoman Shelley Lovett, had council control, and thus, approval power.

Mayer’s own record of fiscal irresponsibility makes his campaign claims not only false, but laughable.

Said Mayor Rau-Hatton, “Dave Mayer spent four years in Trenton, and while he was there he oversaw $1.9 billion in tax increases. From his record, we have to assume that he would do the same thing for Gloucester Township—raise our taxes and create fiscal chaos—that he did in Trenton.”

“Dave Mayer’s $1.9 billion in tax increases are an example of the total fiscal irresponsibility in Trenton, and the result is that Gloucester Township is now having its state aid slashed. Dave Mayer put the Trenton Democrats ahead of the people of Gloucester Township, and he will do it again.”

RHETORIC: “Dave Mayer and his change team will make township government live within its means, cracking down on waste and protecting critical services.”
RECORD: As an Assemblyman, Dave Mayer voted in favor of $1,910,840,000 in taxes. That’s $1.9 BILLION.

RHETORIC: “As a former State Assemblyman, Dave took on the special interests…”
RECORD: As a full-time lawyer and Comcast lobbyist, Dave represents special interests. His firm even represented a developer who defaulted on Township property. As former Assembly candidate, Mayer had no problem accepting campaign contributions from corporations, special interests and businesses, most of whom were from outside of GT.

RHETORIC: “…even when it meant confronting leaders in his own party.”
RECORD: In Trenton, Mayer was a Corzine rubber stamp who, taking cues from party bosses, voted 94% of the time with the Governor.

Gloucester Township families cannot afford that kind of “change,” and know better than to believe empty election-year promises from opportunistic politicians.

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