Dave Mayer: The $1.9 Billion Taxman

Continuing to Tout “Fiscal Responsibility,” Mayer’s Record Overwhelmingly Anything But


While his campaign website reads, “Economic development is a crucial part of Gloucester Township's future and will require special attention. We need good, common sense ideas and renewed efforts to ensure that Gloucester Township is as economically healthy as possible,” if Dave Mayer’s record is any indication, “Economic Development” and “common sense ideas” would mean billions of dollars in taxes upon our families and businesses and creating an anti-small business attitude, as evidenced by his Assembly voting record (See Figure 1) and his abysmal 20 percent rating from the New Jersey National Federation of Independent Business in 2004-2005.

His running mates’ records are no better. Dan Hutchison and Frank Schmidt’s blockage of revenue-generating projects including the Nike base, GEMs Landfill and Moffa’s Farm has created a serious revenue gap in Gloucester Township, while Michele Gentek’s lack of experience would lead one to assume she will simply follow suit.

“Since my election in 2006, I have worked to stop the Democrats’ tax increases,” said Mayor Cindy Rau-Hatton. “Time and time again, the Democrats have rammed their tax increases through Council and increased government spending. Now David Mayer wants to bring his Trenton tax increases to Gloucester Township, even after he and his allies have caused our township to lose critical state aid and homegrown revenue.”

Councilman Hutchison adamantly pointed out during his campaign in 2006 that the rightful focus on the Township’s fiscal challenges should be placed on who controls council and, thus, controls the Township’s finances and revenue. He went so far as to produce and distribute a graphic depicting the fact that Councilwoman Shelley Lovett and then-Councilwoman Rau-Hatton’s previous tenure on the council produced the only tax decreases in Gloucester Township over the last decade and a half (see Figure 2).

This election season, Hutchison does a 180, and as a Councilman, rather than leading and addressing the very issue he stumped on, chooses to sit idly by and refuses to accept responsibility for his ineffectiveness as an elected official.

Gloucester Township voters know the difference between political rhetoric and service, and will send a message the Mayer-Norcross Team come November.

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