Stop spending

February 11, 2010

Re: "Aid won't stop tax increase in Glo. Twp." (C-P, Jan. 3).

I was disturbed to read of the mayor's recent decision to raise property taxes in the township just two months after having been elected. I would like to congratulate Mayor David Mayer for having just brought my faith in elected government in New Jersey to a new all-time low.

That he would even consider raising taxes in this economic environment is incredible to me. The $9,000 a year in property taxes I now pay is already obscene. Yet he has made the decision, along with the rest of the township council, to take more.

Why does it never occur to these people to do what the rest of us residents have had to do as we've watched our paychecks shrink -- stop spending money you don't have.

I have lived and voted in this township for 10 years now and I am so tired of these career party politicians taking care of themselves while ignoring the welfare of those they are supposed to represent. But what makes me even angrier is the apparent apathy of our residents.

Quotes from township residents such as Kathy Tuno stating that "taxes go up every year, it's a fact of life" saddens me to my core. Nothing will ever change in our government if those of us who have elected these individuals don't stand up and let them know we find it unacceptable for them to continue to expect us to foot the bill for their corruption and mismanagement of resources.


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